Homegym Eequipment in Japan

Home Gym Equipment in Japan

Hello. This is @ietore.jp. I’m a dad of three kids living in Japan.

This is the English page of the muscle training at home gym blog.

This is an English version of the blog for foreigners living in Japan who want to build a home gym in their home or apartment for muscle training.

I train at home in Tokyo using a power rack, spin bike, bench, rowing ergometer on joint mat.

I also have experience setting up and using a home gym in my rented apartment when I moved out in Yamagata Prefecture.

For those of you who are thinking about building a home gym, I will explain the essentials of a home gym – EVA joint mats, mirrors, power racks, benches, and spin bikes – as well as the size and height of the home gym, the size and installation of mirrors, the home gym floor, and the cost of creating a home gym in Japan, based on my experience. “Homegym Eequipment in Japan” の続きを読む